Foraging for Dinner: Where the Wild Things Are

photo credit Keith Emerling

After you’ve learned the basics of foraging for wild edibles, you can create some adventurous combinations for your spring table. Where the Wild Things Are is fortunate to have an avid photographer, forager and cook as one of our walk participants this year. Keith Emerling signed up for ALL EIGHT Wild Things walks and shared some of his delicious dish ideas with us.
Pictured above is Avocado Oil-sautéed Fiddleheads and Spring Garlic Greens, Roasted Ramps and Ramp Leaf Crisps. This wild edible base is topped with Warm Yellow Split Pea Salad, Red and White Cippolini Onions, Tender Spring Garlic, Treviso and Radish Sprouts. You can substitute braised scallion for foraged items.

Pictured below is Duck Egg Scramble with Ramp Leaf, Fresh Thyme, Saffron, White Truffle Oil and Six-pepper Grind over Hazelnut Oil Sauté of Asparagus, Shiitake, Fresh Thyme and Ramps. You can substitute egg whites, fiddleheads, chicken or goose eggs, morels, fresh garlic, leek, black or white pepper, ghee and grapeseed oil.

Springtime deliciousness!

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Photo credit Keith Emerling

Photos by Keith Emerling

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