Foraging with Blanche Derby

The following post is from Brent Wasser of the Sustainable Food & Agriculture Program at Williams College:

A perfect spring day! On Sunday, April 29, Blanche Derby led a group of interested foragers through Field Farm in Williamstown. Sunday’s weather was especially springlike and refreshing. Cattails, pokeweed, nettles, garlic mustard — these were exciting things to discover and learn about. Blanche Derby’s passion and interest in wild edibles kept the group interested and the range of plants we discussed was great. Our guide offered significant advice on how to prepare the foods, which our group appreciated. She finished up with wild edibles muffins and a tea she had made, which was a nice way to illustrate the range of possibilities with these foods.

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Photos by Brent Wasser, Sustainable Food & Agriculture Program at Williams College.

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